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Alliance statement on Catalonia

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Published: 03/11/2017

Today, Friday 3rd November 2017, the 35th General Assembly of the Alliance gathered in Athens (Greece), decided to issue a statement on the political situation in Catalonia:

We as representatives of different voluntary service organisations gathered in the General Assembly of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations in Athens, Greece, condemn the decision of the public prosecutor appointed by the Spanish State that has lead to imprison 8 democratically elected members of the Catalan Government. This is a serious setback in terms of guaranteeing human rights and individual and collective freedoms in Europe, and can lead to a deterioration of democracy and the rule of law as a whole. These procedures are unacceptable within the framework of democratic states. As organisations promoting a culture of peace we urge the political representatives to fulfil their task of resolving problems politically. We call upon the European Union to safeguard the fundamental civil and political rights of all citizens as outlined in the EU charter of fundamental rights.

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