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Flagship Workcamps 2017

Flagship logo
Logo of the flagship initiative

Published: 01/06/2017

As part of the Flagship Workcamps initiative, the Alliance is supporting the implementation of 6 Workcamp projects that are chosen because of their congruence with current and important needs felt by communities, but also because of their innovative aspects and/or their ambition to address adequately social and economic challenges of our nowadays world:

  • ICJA03 “Ban nuclear weapons” by ICJA (Germany): 1-16 July/
  • FSL-WC-620 “Hand in land” by FSL (India): 10-23 July
  • GEN-23 “East West camp” by Genctur (Turkey): 1-15 August
  • ESDA1017 “Donkey Caravan” by De Amicitia (Spain): 1-21 August
  • NIG14 “Peenemunde history and archeology” by NIG (Germany): 21 August-8 September
  • VINAFW17-01 “Earthquake rebuilding workcamp 2017” by VIN (Nepal): 6-18 September

More information, updates and promotional materials on the Flagship Workcamps section of this website.

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe