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Common action 2016: Let’s Root for Peace!

The Alliance Sustainability Campaign this year is focused on Soil and Migration.


Healthy soil is one of the basic rights of people, giving them food, clean water, and a place to live. Soil degradation is mutually linked to climate change, and leads to poverty, instability, vulnerability and eventually conflicts and migration.

With our Common Action – “Let’s Root for Peace” – IVS organisations take position in favour of soil protection and migrants’ rights to build their future in a safe place. While institutions are building fences and marking borders, citizens and volunteers build peace and hospitable environments.

We invite all organisations to join the campaign by planting local seeds or trees, in public or private gardens or simply in a vase, during the workcamps: it is not only a concrete action that enriches and strengthens soil, but also a symbolic gesture and a statement by the Alliance that will stay in the local communities, showing commitment towards sustainability and peace.

The Let’s Root for Peace action is supposed to bring together volunteers, local hosts and communities, possibly even migrants, and will facilitate a common step towards healthy soil and peace; the volunteers will take pictures of the activity, thus creating messages for migrants, citizens and institutions, calls for solidarity, environmental sustainability and intercultural values.

At the end of the season all pictures and messages will be gathered in a gallery about IVS rooting for peace.

How to join the Common Action?

  1. Identify the workcamps where you want to implement the Let’s Root for Peace Common Action; fill in the form attached and send it to;
  2. Share the guidelines with the camp leaders and local hosts and support them in the organisation of the common action;
  3. Implement a session about sustainability, climate change and migration in your training for camp leaders. Training material to support you: a Training session and an additional presentation about the topic that can be included in your camp leader training;
  4. Share the information on your website, social media, infosheets for workcamps, local newspapers and press before and after the event. Please use the following hashtags:
#Let’sRoot4Peace | #IVSAgainstClimateChange | #RaisingPeace | #MakeChangeHappen

If you have any comments, ideas and/or questions please contact the Environmental Sustainability Working Group of the Alliance at

These are the workcamps that have joined the Common Action 2016 till the beginning of July;


  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe