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Rural youth on the road!


Published: 01/06/2017

The Alliance is pleased to promote one of the projects involving 8 members of the network:Rur.IT.A.N.I.A.-Rural IT Alliance for Networking, Inclusion and Activism

Young Researchers of Serbia have gathered 9 partners from Serbia, Greece, Albania, Bosnia&Herzegovina, Germany, France, Spain, Poland, Estonia and Belgium, all members of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations and South East European Youth Network (SEEYN), for an exciting new project named Rur.IT.A.N.I.A.

The project will reach 100 young people aged 16 to 22 that we don’t usually reach when promoting our international programmes, those that live in remote areas and/or don’t have a computer or internet and/or have money to travel.

In four 14-days International Youth Exchanges in Serbia, Belgium and Germany 100 young participants will study, practice and improve basic IT and IC skills/competencies and many others (solidarity to others, teamwork, independent travelling) and gain valuable life experience in a non-formal setting of different sessions and informally during volunteer work of public interest to local hosting communities, along their peers from different countries.


The young volunteers that participate in workcamps and youth exchanges are mainly those who already are able to travel independently and who are already with the open attitude for the intercultural dialogue, not to mention that they are capable of reaching the right information over the internet about youth programmes. The Alliance’s Accessing Policy is set to increase the participation of young people with fewer opportunities on workcamps and youth exchanges of members. This project, with its 100 young people with fewer opportunities indirectly contributes greatly to that. The project addresses the need to diversify the profile of young participants in both workcamps and youth exchanges and make them more inclusive by proactively reaching out to young people with fewer opportunities.

The causes to this challenge lay in the lack of money and resources of youth organisations to proactively reach out to this target group as it asks for additional outreach information activities, prolonged investment of time and human resources in preparation and mentoring so to prevent the risk of dropout. The consequences of this narrowed way of recruitment are contributing to the drop in numbers of exchange young people and in niching the profile of an average young person participating in workcamps and youth exchanges – a girl, from the capital city, student, which, further on, guide promotional strategies to the same niche.

The motivation behind is to give an impulse, by involving 100 young people from rural and remote areas, to a multiplying effect of participation of other young people close to this direct target group.

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