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TM 2015: mission accomplished!

TM 2015

Published: 24/03/2015

The Technical Meeting of the Alliance is the biggest meeting of IVS organisations worldwide. The edition 2015 took place in Yerevan, Armenia, hosted by HUJ.

74 organisations participated to one of the most intense and productive meetings of the year for the workcamp movement. From 28th February to 3rd March, the staff and volunteers organizing every year thousands of IVS workcamps all over the world, met and exchanged information about their new programmes for the season 2015 and future cooperation.

An important moment of the TM is every year the Alliance Day. This is full day dedicated to share information and debate about the Alliance life, events and campaigns. After the morning informative session in plenary on the latest updates within the network, in the afternoon members and the arriving partners participated to workshops organized by the Working Groups and Committees or by initiative of member organisations. For example, a common workshop was organized between the Access4All and the Environmental Sustainability Working Group about the upcoming campaigns for inclusion and sustainability in IVS. The recently formed Task Forces on Impact of IVS and on elaborating a new Membership fee system for the network, also had update meetings to plan the next steps.

Last but not least, as every year the Staff Development Working Group organized two New Comers' sessions for the staff that is taking part in the TM for the first time. A detailed presentation of the session is also available here:

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