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Alliance Development Committee

Born from the Constitution Working Group and later on the Strategic Development Working Group, the Alliance Development Committee was established as a permanent body in 2006.

The Alliance Development Committee (ADC) is a permanent body focused on the strategic development of the Alliance and IVS movement in general.

ADC acts as a think tank coming up with ambitious more distanced from daily routine long-term proposals to ensure development of the network and IVS movement in Europe and world-wide. The empowerment of the Alliance and IVS movement in reaching its strategic goals and enlarging its influence is the core of the ADC mission, which involves implementing analysis, generating proposals, taking initiatives.

The ADC feeds the Alliance with new ideas, approaches and proposals regarding its development as well as development of IVs world in general. It also tackles the needs of the Alliance when developing new programmes but also procedures and tools. The “development” is therefore intended as “external” when it concerns the enlargement of the Alliance actions and influence at international level, and as “internal” when the Alliance life and regulations are under revision and innovation processes.

The ADC can address to and be addressed by the EC, WGs, Tasks Forces and members when ongoing developments are planned and implemented.

The specific tasks of the Alliance Development Committee for the current year, are described in the strategic Plan of Action 2021-2022 adopted by the General Assembly of members 2020.

If you would like to contact the Alliance Development Committee feel free to send a message to

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