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Working Groups and Committees

According to Alliance statistics, every year an average of 15.000 young volunteers participate in more than 1300 local community projects organised by member organisations. Alliance is a network for its members and by its members, promoting democratic competences among young people.

Alliance’s is very proud to have succeeded over the years in engaging in its management and development an impressive number of young people, who in this way are trained to develop democratic competences and act as multipliers. More specifically, the network is run and by the the Alliance Executive Committee (6 elected representatives, aged 18-35 on average), the Coordinators of the 7 Alliance Working Groups and Committees (appointed by the Alliance General Assembly) that promote specific commonly decided policies and work towards the quality development:

  1. Access for All Working Group
  2. Alliance Development Committee
  3. Environmental Sustainability Working Group
  4. External Relations Committee
  5. Gender Equality Working Group
  6. Monitoring and Evaluation Committee
  7. Staff Development Working Group
  8. Training Needs Working Group

The individual members of all working groups and committees are mandated by their organisations for a period of one year.

Working Groups and Committees apart from promoting Alliance main principles, are also responsible for the implementation of the Plan on Action of the network as well as to develop initiatives and bring their ideas to the GA to be voted. Currently over 90 volunteers, representing two thirds of Alliance organisations, are members of the network’s Working Groups and Committees with a 1 mandate.

The originality and innovation of the Alliance lies therefore in the fact that it has managed to guarantee its internal democratic function creating a structure that allows the widest participation on behalf of its member organisations.

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe