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Staff Development Working Group

The Staff Development Working Group (SDWG) takes care of the quality of the concrete work done by the member organisations.

It works on everything linked to the practicality of work of the placement officers and analyses members’ needs and challenges they face.

It focuses on topics such as exchange of volunteers, new trends and how they affect these exchanges, common monitoring and evaluation. It is offering tools and support systems, like the “Buddy System”, in order to facilitate the everyday work of the member organisations and react on common issues. Among other tasks, it organizes every two years the Staff Evaluation meeting in October/November, as well as the Newcomers’ Sessions for new staff and organisations participating to the Technical Meeting and General Assembly.

The specific tasks of the External Relations Committee for 2018 are described in the strategic Plan of Action 2018-19 adopted by the General Assembly of members 2017.

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