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Alliance Congressino 2019


Published: 21/11/2019

At Alliance Congress 2014 the Alliance turned from a technical platform, mainly focused on procedures of volunteers’ placement, into a cooperative network having political goals (bringing MOs’ voices to EU decision making level; providing MOs with capacity building opportunities; advocating for workcamps, youth work and non-formal education recognition...).The Congress also established the steps to undertake to implement the new Network vision by 2024.

5 years after the Congress, in November 2019, a Congressino took place to assess to what extent the Network fulfilled the decisions taken in 2014 and to identify what still has to be done.
At Congressino, it was affirmed that considerable progress was made in implementing Alliance 10-years strategy (2014-2024), nevertheless some areas have not yet been fully covered and need further action by 2024.
These areas are exactly those we will mainly focus on from 2020.

To know more about Congressino outcomes and RESOLUTIONS, check this link!

Here you can download another Congressino output, meaning the specific roadmaps that the Alliance will follow as a polar star to reach the goals settled for the Network by 2024!


  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe