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Environmental Sustainability tools

The Environmental Sustainability Working Group of the Alliance created a toolkit in support of all Alliance organisations, in order to give them practical instruments and methodologies to improve the sustainability in workcamps and volunteering projects.

Everyone is welcome to download and use these tools in voluntary projects organized anywhere in the world!

For Organisations

  • Green Office infosheet (to be used in the offices): a practical one-page infosheet on sustainability in the office that can be printed and kept on the wall as a daily reminder. Sustainability is about everyday life at home and in our working space!
  • Training Workshop for Camp Leaders (to be implemented in trainings for camp leaders): a model of workshop aimed at informing and involving the camp leaders about the Sustainability Campaign; it is to be implemented during each organisation’s national seminar and that can be carried out in approximately 2 hours and/or be modified according to the different needs of each organisation.

For Workcamps and Events

  • Environmental Sustainability Handbook 2021 (to be shared with local project partners and camp leaders): a collection of recommendations on good ecological practices to be implemented during workcamps and all events; it is to be sent to local project partners and camp leaders (to be discussed with the volunteers), and organisations should use it when organising events.
  • Sustainable Transport Infosheet 2021 (to be sent to volunteers & camp leaders, and used when organising events): a listing of low-impact travel options in several countries; it is to be sent to the volunteers before or together with the workcamp infosheet, and should be used by organisations when organising events.
  • NEW Environmental Sustainability Food Infosheet: a collection of information on the correlation between food and environment, that should be shared with the camp leaders, discussed with the volunteers and should be used by organisations when organising events.

Fun & Nice-to-have

  • Booklet “Seed up and regrow!” (to be shared with volunteers and camp leaders): a  collection of tips and instructions on how to regrow plants from kitchen leftovers, make compost or seed bombs – at home, in the garden, on the balcony or even in the office. Originally produced in the framework of “IVS against Climate Change” campaign, as thank-you to participants of the Alliance’s Common Action “Cook4Climate Day” in 2015, it can now be shared volunteers and partners to serve as inspiration for many other sustainability campaigners and home gardeners.
  • Sustainability Games (to be used in trainings for camp leaders, and shared with camp leaders): a collection of games addressing and interlinking various topics such as sustainability, development and environment; it is to be shared with camp leaders and used by organisations in their trainings for camp leaders, providing an easier access to the sustainability-related issues.

ESWG reflections during Covid-19 times

During the months of the spread of Corona virus across the world, Alliance Environmental Sustainability Working Group developed a document containing reflections and comments about the relation of Covid with the climate crisis in general. Check the document at this link and contact the group to share reflections and propose ideas for new activities related to IVS as a tool for raising awareness on environmental safeguard!

If you have any questions or contributions please do not hesitate to contact the Working Group at:

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