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Alliance policy papers and Quality Charter

The Alliance General Assembly of members, which meets every year on November, is the higher decisional body of the network. All the policy papers and the Quality Charter, as well as the amendments to the constitutional documents, are debated and adopted by the General Assembly.

The Alliance Strategic Direction 2022-2024

This document sets the ground and the future directions of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations for the period 2022-24. It outlines the vision, mission, principles, permanent fields of action and working priorities of the network, as stated in the policy papers, constitutional documents and resolutions adopted in recent years by the General Assemblies of the network. The strategic priorities of the next 3 years have been identified through the process of the Congressino 2019 – the midterm evaluation of the first Alliance Congress that took place in 2014 and set the desired lines of work and improvement until 2024.

The Alliance Quality Charter

It has been produced as a target to which all organisations working in the field of international voluntary service should aim. The Charter sets the standards of our work together, thus enriching the experiences for all those involved: the volunteers, the hosting communities and the hosting and sending organisations. This document should be a standard benchmark by which organisations can evaluate their work together and therefore strengthen their partnerships. For Alliance members, partners and guests those standards are binding.

Alliance Accessing Policy Paper

International workcamps, apart from being an intercultural and citizenship action, are as well a valuable learning experience in the frame of non-formal education. In order to ensure accessibilty to everyone, workcamps must be open for all, regardless of origin, gender, cultural and social background, economic position, education, religion and beliefs, physical and health conditions, and/or disabilities. The Alliance’s Accessing principle is to open international workcamps and other intercultural learning activities for people with fewer opportunities to spread peace, tolerance and mutual understanding worldwide. The latest version has been adopted at GA 2017.

Alliance Educational Framework

Pursuant to its vision, mission and program Alliance implements educational activities such as international trainings, study sessions, seminars, conferences, etc. according to its educational policy. Alliance Educational Framework, developed by the Training Needs Working Group during 2018, clarifies the guiding principles, division of tasks and sets a more effective functioning of the Alliance training and educational activities. This policy paper was adopted at the General Assembly 2018.

Sustainability Policy paper

This Policy Paper was created by the Environmental Sustainability Working Group (ESWG) of the Alliance in 2017, and is the updated version of a first paper adopted in 2014. Its purpose is to provide a framework for sustainable development through IVS and specifying the role of Alliance members towards it. The paper is divided in 4 chapters: the Alliance, Sustainability and the Alliance, Methodologies, the Environmental Sustainability Toolkit.

Alliance Gender Equality Policy Paper

This paper was created by the Gender Equality Working Group in 2018. It is referring to the educational framework and the background of the Alliance’s policy on gender equality. It is dedicated to all Alliance member organisations and partners. It will be subject to constant revision as further developments and changes take place both within the network and the related fields of society including academia and politics.

What is our IVS?

A common concept/ position/ strategic paper of IVS (International Voluntary Service) NGOs. The publication was produced by a Global Task Force gathering representatives of the ALLIANCE, CCIVS, EAVS, ICYE, NVDA and SCI and it was the result of two physical meetings held in Japan (Sep. 2017) and Nepal (Jan. 2019) and of a constant online communication between the Task Force Participants. The document aims at reconfirming the common values of IVS main stakeholders, strengthening mutual cooperation and solidarity, overcoming our weaknesses and developing our strengths! The paper also aims to develop a common strategy to review, potentially learn from, and collaborate with other types of international volunteering; to keep improving the quality of our projects and promoting our work and IVS values. In addition to the very final and official paper, you can also check the Annex to the paper and the Informal Paper “What is our IVS?”.

Position paper on the Freedom of Movement

This position paper has been drafted, discussed, amended and adopted by all IVS networks, including the Alliance, during 2016 and 2017. It was born from the vision of CCIVS White Paper for International Voluntary Service 2011- 2021, that sets the vision of ‘a society which allows freedom of movement in which all members without distinction are empowered to exercise active citizenship’. The position paper is accompanied by a support document that clarifies its origin, background and different contribution from the networks on specific topics contained in the paper.

Universal Charter of IVS

Revised in 2017, the universal IVS charter was first created by CCIVS in 1998. It outlines the fundamental principles and ideals of International Voluntary Service, as it is understood, implemented and promoted by the main international IVS networks. This version has been adopted by the Alliance at the General Assembly 2017.

Alliance Representation Guide

This document, updated in 2020, is aimed at being used for external representation of the Alliance and its mission. The paper gives an overview of Alliance’s values, activities and working fields. It consists of 7 chapters: volunteering (IVS), participation, mobility, social inclusion, sustainability, gender equality and non-formal education. It has been adopted at the General Assembly 2020.

You can download here translations of the Alliance Quality Charter in the languages that are represented in the network. This initiative is part of the ongoing commitment of the Alliance to disseminate the Quality Charter among IVS organisations worldwide and local partner organisations hosting IVS projects.

Alliance Quality Charter 2014 – Spanish

El capítulo de calidad de Alliance ha sido creado con el objetivo de ser un documento de referencia para todas las organizaciones que trabajan en el campo del servicio voluntario internacional. Este capítulo de calidad establece los estándares para trabajar en conjunto, y al mismo tiempo, fortalecer y enriquecer las experiencias de todos los actores involucrados: los voluntarios, las comunidades de acogida así como las organizaciones de envío y recepción. Este documento debe tratarse como un documento oficial de referencia y de evaluación del trabajo y colaboración de las organizaciones internacionales y por lo tanto, del fortalecimiento de su relación de cooperación y partenariado internacional. Para toda las organizaciones miembro de ALLIANCE, así como para las organizaciones partenarias e invitadas de la red, estos estándares son obligatorios y la prioridad en la aplicación de los mismos es enfocada a la cooperación entre miembros, partenarios e invitados de ALLIANCE.

Alliance Quality Charter 2014 – Italian

La Quality Charter dell’Alliance è stata elaborata come obiettivo a cui tutte le organizzazioni di volontariato internazionale dovrebbero mirare. La Quality Charter definisce gli standard per la cooperazione tra le organizzazioni, arricchendo in questo modo le esperienze di tutti gli attori coinvolti: i volontari, le comunità ospitanti e le organizzazioni che inviano e accolgono i volontari. Questo documento rappresenta gli standard di riferimento con cui le associazioni possono valutare insieme il proprio lavoro e quindi rafforzare la cooperazione. Per i membri, partner e guests dell’Alliance questi standard sono obbligatori. La priorità deve essere accordata alla cooperazione tra membri, partner e guests dell’Alliance.

Alliance Quality Charter 2014 – Serbian

Standardi kvaliteta volonterskih kampova organizacija Alijanse su izrađeni sa ciljem ka kojem sve organizacije koje rade kao međunarodni volonterski servisi treba da teže. Ovaj dokument postavlja standarde našeg zajedničkog rada, i tako oplemenjujući iskustva svih uključenih strana: volontera, lokalnih zajednica, kao i organizacija koje šalju i primaju volontere. Ovaj dokument treba da bude standard po kome organizacije mogu zajedno oceniti njihov rad i samim tim i ojačati partnerstva. Ovaj dokument je obavezujući za članice, partnere i goste Alijanse. Prioritet u razmeni volontera treba dati članicama, partnerima i gostima Alijanse.

Alliance Quality Charter 2014 – Czech

Standardy kvality Alliance byly vytvořeny jako cíl, ke kterému by měly směřovat všechny organizace pracující v oblasti mezinárodního dobrovolnictví. Tyto standardy by měly pozvednout práci zapojených organizací, a tím obohatit zkušenosti všech zúčastněných: dobrovolníků, místních komunit, vysílajících a přijímajících organizací. Tento dokument by měl sloužit jako základní měřítko, dle kterého mohou organizace navzájem vyhodnocovat svou práci, a tím pádem posilovat vzájemné partnerství. Pro členy, partnery a hosty Alliance jsou ty standardy závazné. Spolupráci mezi členy, partnery a hosty by měla být dána priorita.

Alliance Quality Charter 2014 – Turkish

Alliance Kalite Yönergesi uluslararası gönüllülük alanında çalışan tüm kuruluşların uygulamaya çalışması gereken bir kaynak olarak tasarlanmıştır. Gönüllü çalışmalar alanındaki standartları belirlemeyi amaçlayan ve üye kuruluşların ortak değerlendirme ölçütü olarak tasarlanan bu yönerge, paydaşların (gönüllüler, ev sahibi ve gönderen kuruluşlar)da deneyimlerini zenginleştirecektir. Yapılacak ortak değerlendirmelerin kuruluşlar arasındaki bağı arttıracağına inanıyoruz. ALLIANCE üyeleri ve proje ortakları ile gözlemci ve konuk kuruluşlar için bağlayıcı olan bu standartlar, ALLIANCE bünyesindeki işbirliğinin geliştirilmesine öncelik sağlamayı amaçlar.

Alliance Quality Charter 2014 – Ukrainian

Статут Альянсу був розроблений як ціль, до якої всі організації, що працюють з міжнародною волонтерською службою, повинні бути спрямовані. Цей Статут якості встановлює стандарти нашої роботи, тим самим поліпшуючи досвід всіх залучених сторін: волонтерів, місцевих громад, приймаючих та відправляючих організацій. Цей документ має бути стандартом якості, на базі якого організації можуть оцінити свою роботу разом і тим самим, зміцнити свої партнерські відносини. Для членів Альянсу, партнерів та гостей ці стандарти є обов’язковими. Пріоритет повинен бути відданий співробітництву між членами, партнерами та гостями Альянсу.

Alliance Quality Charter 2013 – French

La Charte de qualité de l’Alliance a été conçue comme un objectif que toutes les organisations travaillant dans le domaine du service volontaire international doivent se fixer. Cette charte de qualité fixe les normes qui régissent notre travail commun, enrichissant de cette manière l’expérience de toutes les personnes impliquées: les volontaires, les communes d’accueil et les organisations d’accueil et d’envoi. Ce document doit être une référence grâce à laquelle les organisations peuvent évaluer leur travail commun et donc renforcer leur partenariat. Pour les membres de l’Alliance, les partenaires et les organisations invitées, ces normes constituent un engagement. La priorité doit être donnée à la coopération entre les membres, partenaires et organisations invitées de l’Alliance.

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