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Resources for IVS organisations

As a Network, the Alliance aims to provide its members with opportunities to share practices and know-how on volunteering and organisations development. Every year we propose members capacity building, networking events and seminars for youth workers skills development. Indeed if our members are strong, also the Alliance is! This page is also meant to provide support to our members but also to all IVS organisations in general. In this (still) small online resource, organisations can find relevant devices such as toolkits, guidelines, policies and existing financial opportunities, to implement high quality IVS activities.

Help us to fill this page, contacting Alliance Secretariat to share what you might have found and/or developed that may be useful for other IVS organisations !

  • Sustainable Development Plan for Organisations – This tool aims at assessing the social sustainability of your organization, based on the values and practices of Social and Solidarity Economy, and at improving it with a careful planning. It is the result of the E+ project KISS (the Key Is Social Sustainability), developed between Spain, France, Greece and Italy during 2018, on sustainable practices in the field of Social and Solidarity Economy. It is based on the lessons learnt by participants of four study-visits and a training-course, and on the expertise of social entrepreneurship actors.
  • Marketing Ethics Guidelines – the resource was kindly shared by Julie Chao, NVDA General Secretary. It is accompanied by the document Marketing Ethics Policy. The policy is still a draft that will be brought to NVDA network GA for discussion and approval. Thanks Julie of DreamWalker China!

Work in progress…
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