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Alliance Flagship Programme

The General Assembly 2016 decided to establish a new annual initiative to support member, partner and guest organisations that propose outstanding workcamps for the next season. The main aim is to trigger and disseminate new/updated ways of organizing workcamps, which can better address the current needs of our societies and of young people.

flagship logo
Logo of the flagship initiative

As part of the Flagship Workcamps initiative, the Alliance is supporting the implementation of 6 Workcamp projects that are chosen because of their congruence with current and important needs felt by communities, but also because of their innovative aspects and/or their ambition to address adequately social and economic challenges of our nowadays world.

All 6 projects will receive reinforced international visibility through the label “Alliance Flagship Workcamp”, while 3 projects (upon request of the proposing organisation) will also receive a financial support.

The projects chosen by all the network at the Technical Meeting 2017 are:

  • ICJA03 “Ban nuclear weapons” by ICJA (Germany): 1-16 July – download promo material
  • FSL-WC-620 “Hand in land” by FSL (India): 10-23 July – download promo material
  • GEN-23 “East West camp” by Genctur (Turkey): 1-15 August – download promo material
  • ESDA1017 “Donkey Caravan” by De Amicitia (Spain): 1-21 August – download promo material
  • NIG14 “Peenemunde history and archeology” by NIG (Germany): 21 Aug-8 Sept – download promo material
  • VINAFW17-01 “Earthquake rebuilding workcamp 2017” by VIN (Nepal): 6-18 September – download promo material

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe