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Not in my camp!

Logo Not in my camp
Logo of the Gender Equality Campaign 2017

Join us and make workcamps a safe space for everyone!

Our workcamps are open for all, regardless of origin, gender, sexuality, cultural and social background, economic position, education, religion and beliefs, physical and health conditions, and/or disabilities. Even more than that, our workcamps are a place to share experience, gain new skills and meet people from different backgrounds. Help us make our volunteers feel equal to each other in every step of the project and make sure our work camps are a safe place for all participants.

Let’s raise awareness on gender-based discrimination, sexism, sexual harassment and LGBTQI+ phobia. Let’s say “Not in my camp!” and promote gender equality!

We want to make it easier to talk about those topics in your workcamp! In order to do that, we provide you with tools to raise awareness and promote gender equality in IVS.

If you need more information or any advice contact


Tools of the campaign

This section will be further enriched along the year. For more materials on gender equality, consult the dedicated section of the website.

  1. Video #NotInMyCamp – 45 to 55%;
  2. Video #NotInMyCamp – 76;
  3. Video #NotInMyCamp – 1 in 3.

As another tool to create awareness on Gender equality issues, the GEWG also created the following posters:

All Alliance organisations are invited to download the posters, hang them up in their offices and of course spread them in their workcamps!

Follow our tumblr for daily news and information on gender equality from the Alliance, and consult the tools and materials we prepared for IVS organizers, leaders and trainers!

#notinmycamp #genderequality @alliance_europe

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe