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Not in my camp!

Logo Not in my camp
Logo of the Gender Equality Campaign 2017

Today, one of the most challenging matters within almost every society in the world, is gender inequality. It is usually widely known as discrimination towards women in everyday life but it also affects every gender identification. Whether gender-based discriminations are happening intentionally or unconsciously, this matter should be considered as an extremely urgent situation which we should overcome altogether. According to the research we carried out in 2016 in Alliance network, we found out that the topic of gender based conflicts and discrimination is also affecting our workcamps. The results of the survey showed there has been many kinds of discriminatory situations, such as sexist task allocations, sexist attitudes, homophobia, sexual harassment and sexual abuse. Workcamps are places to share experience, gain skills and meet people from different cultures in an equal way no matter our gender identification or sex. Any kind of sexism and LGBTQ-phobia cannot be tolerated in our workcamps and projects. In order to raise awareness on gender discrimination, the Gender Equality Working Group of the Alliance has planned a campaign throughout 2017.


We will provide tools and collect existing documents that will be made available on the Alliance website to introduce those topics.


We will be active participants to the Buddy System so that organisations can ask questions to the “Not in my camp!” community during this summer season.


We will provide a platform for information through our tumblr page, where everyone will be able to share contents addressing feminism, gender equality in general etc. Same content will be forwarded by the Alliance network Facebook page.


Sharing initiatives that will happen through the year related to history dates and important activism steps toward gender equality, LGBTQ+ rights and other vulnerable groups.

Tools of the campaign

This section will be further enriched along the year. For more materials on gender equality, consult the dedicated section of the website.

  1. Video Not in my Camp! “55”;
  2. Video Not in my Camp! “Homosexual relationships”;
  3. Video Not in my Camp! “Violence against women”.

We say “Not In My Camp!” anymore. All those who are participating in projects throughout 2017, must be able to volunteer in a safe place, no matter their gender, age, race, sexuality and nationality. We want our volunteers to feel equal with each other in every step of their project.

Join us and let’s make change happen!

Follow our tumblr for daily news and information on gender equality from the Alliance, and consult the tools and materials we prepared for IVS organizers, leaders and trainers!

#notinmycamp #genderequality @alliance_europe

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