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Accessing Campaign

The campaign is meant to raise awareness, encourage and support IVS organisations to participate in inclusion work, inviting them to reserve places in their workcamps for volunteers with fewer opportunities

Based on the principles of the Alliance Accessing Policy Paper, the campaign recognizes that taking part in an international volunteering project can play an important role in the personal and social development of volunteers and aims to make this opportunity available to a wider range of participants. It also recognizes that all participants can benefit when a workcamp is made up of a diverse group of volunteers. The campaign proposes the organisations to develop their communication and pedagogical methods in order to better involve volunteers from diverse social origins, facing specific difficulties or presenting special needs.

The Accessing Campaign is led by the Access 4 All Working Group. The group aims to support members of the Alliance to send and host volunteers with fewer opportunities on international workcamps. Its work includes:

  • Development of preparation and evaluation tools outgoing volunteers;
  • Development of information and support to organisations hosting volunteers;
  • Actions which seek to increase the amount of volunteers from a diverse range of backgrounds that take part in international volunteering;
  • Creation of a camp list, where the organisations can share the target groups that can be included in the activity.

The Alliance began developing an accessing policy in 1998 and the Accessing Campaign has been running since 2005. In recent years, we have managed to send to workcamps several hundreds of volunteers each season as part of the Campaign and in 2013, 25 organisations signed up to the Campaign and exchanged over 190 volunteers, a number which is raising every year more. Increasing inclusion is now an important part of the work of the Alliance and its members. All members of the Alliance are invited every year to join the Campaign.

Here you can download the reports of the Accessing Campaign 2013 and 2014.

Recently, the Working Group produced a useful tool for all organisations: the CommunicA4Action toolkit.

For more information about the Campaign, contact the Access 4 All Working Group of the Alliance at

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe