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Meet the PoT 2018-21

These are the members of the Pool of Trainers during the mandate 2018-2020. All members organisations can contact the trainers for their national or international training activities.

Xenia Koutentaki

  • Organization: Citizens in Action
  • Contact:
  • Working Languages: Greek, English, Italian
  • Motto: Xenia lives up to the meaning of her name, “the one who protects and takes care of the foreigners”. She believes that offering people a caring environment is a major facilitating factor of any meaningful learning process
  • Experience: Xenia is an adult educator specialized in non formal participatory learning approaches. She has been active in the youth and international voluntary movement since 1996. She has lived and worked in different countries all over the world i.e Italy, France, Germany, Serbia, Greenland, Turkey, Egypt, Sri Lanka, Japan, Vietnam, Senegal, Iraq. Through these experiences she has developed her capacities of working efficiently with international and multicultural teams. She has a vast experience in developing educational content for long term courses in a variety of topics such as Human Rights Education, women empowerment and representation in the trade unions, intercultural competences of police and civil servants, training for trainers and facilitators for refugee children and youth, youth development, Sustainability, Networking and Gender Equality. She has worked with various local, national and international institutions and NGOs such as UNV, UN Summer Academy, Alliance of the European Voluntary Service Organisations, Danielle Mitterrand Foundation, Cabinet office of Japan- Ship for World Youth AA, National Workers’ Confederation of Greece, ANCE NGO, Hellenic Adult Education Association, ARSIS NGO.
  • Curriculum Vitae

Dushan Milojevic

  • Organization: IJGD
  • Contact:
  • Working Languages: Serbo-Croatian, English
  • Motto: When there’s a will, there’s a way!
  • Experience: Dushan Milojevic is senior trainer and a member of the Alliance Pool of Trainers since its foundation. Currently based in Belgrade (Serbia), Dushan is representative of IJGD (Germany), where he works as a senior trainer and educational advisor. Through his work in the Alliance, he was the coordinator of the Training Needs Working Group for 3 years, after which he became Alliance Course Director and stayed in this position for another 3 years. Through his engagement in the network, Dushan worked on foundation of the Alliance Pool of Trainers, development of the Educational and Training Policy Paper, establishment of the Long Term Training Course and project series “Fair Play”, which is dealing with promotion of gender equality in IVS and which gave birth to Gender Equality Task Force and later on Gender Equality Working Group. Dushan is specialized in topics such as volunteering, intercultural learning, human rights education, gender equality and training of trainers and he is a founder of Center for Nonformal Education Magnet House.
  • Curriculum Vitae

Sara Mandozzi

  • Organisation: LUNARIA
  • Contact:
  • Working languages: English, Italian, Spanish
  • Fields of training expertise: Animation, Group Dynamics, Volunteering, Cultural diversity and Intercultural Learning, Participation and active citizenship, Social inclusion, accessing policies and strategies, Anti-racism and human rights, Conflict Management & Mediation, Training of Trainers, Staff trainings, Project Management, North-South cooperation, Coaching, Sustainability, Environment
  • Motto: “Life is a series of natural and spontaneous changes. Don’t resist them – that only creates sorrow. Let reality be reality. Let things flow naturally forward in whatever way they like.”
  • Experience: I’m involved since almost 11 years in IVS, European projects, trainings and NFE world.
  • Curriculum Vitae.


Marija Pantelic

  • Organisation: IJGD
  • Contact:
  • Working languages: Serbian (mother tongue), English, Spanish
  • Fields of training expertise: Youth participation, Leadership, Youth politics, Volunteering, Evaluation
  • Motto: “Not all who wander are lost”
  • Experience: More than 10 years of experience in youth work on different levels from local to national and international.
  • Curriculum Vitae.


Julia Rodriguez Nieto

  • Organisation: Xchange Scotland
  • Contact: | Skype juliarnieto
  • Working languages: Spanish (native), English (advance), French (advance)
  • Fields of training expertise: community development, intercultural understanding, prejudice and discrimination, global education, social inclusion, conflict transformation
  • Motto: “Dream big and dream wild!”
  • Experience: In my 4 years involved with Xchange Scotland, I’ve been part of different projects using non formal education tools to foster critical thinking and positive change within individuals and communities. I’ve got experience in different fields related to human interactions and community work (through projects on anti-sectarianism, global education and international volunteering, working with community workers / local activists and volunteers and in trainings for work camp leaders). From this diversity of topics and target groups I’d highlight the importance of having a logic thread throughout the training (contents and sessions are well connected and they do promote deeper learning, one step at a time), of bringing some sense of humour and motivation, and of being willing to try out new methods and ideas and to learn as much as possible from co-trainers and the participants.
  • Curriculum Vitae.


Antje Springer

  • Organisation:
  • Contact:
  • Working languages: English, German
  • Fields of training expertise: Volunteering, Sustainable Development (Commnitysourced Nature Protection, Nutrition, & Degrowth), Social Inclusion, Working with young people with disadvantaged background, Teenage Education, Counselling (TZI- Topiccentrated Interaction and NonViolent Communication), Youth Welfare, Intercultural Learning
  • Motto: “You must be the change you wish to see in the world.” Mahatma Gandhi.
  • Experience: Trainer for IJGD since 2006. Project manager, project developer, trainer and consultant on sustainable and intercultural topics for several youth organisations. Involved in more than seventy training couerses, both national and international. As a professional working as a trainer and a social worker, being involved in youth work, youth education and youth welfare. Worked on development of educational strategy for IJGD in the area of teenage education, since 2009 e.g. designing Teenage Camps, which have had a high orientation on connection with local communities (e.g. camps together with socially and educationally disadvantaged teenagers). Visited several trainings and congresses on topics of Sustainable Development and Intercultural Lerning in (international) youth work. Being an activist in terms of Sustainable Development and Nature Protection, who is involved in various actions throughout of Germany. Being involved in ecological and degrowth topics in my local area, ecological organisations and personal life (e.g. community refugee project, projects without money, food sharing, solidarity kitchen). Running workshops on consumption awareness and degrowth, vegetarian and vegan consumption and global contexts of ecology and economy e.g. fair trade, relations of production and crisis causes. Having a strong capability for networking. Have been member of the TNWG in 2015 and now being member in the ESWG of Alliance. Have been part of the training team of the LTTC in 2015. Have been part of T.A.C.T. ( Teenagers- Active Citizens of Tomorrow), Alliance project funded by Erasmus and organized by IJGD e.V. in 2015+ 2016.
  • Curriculum Vitae

Natalija Radivojevic

  • Organisation:
  • Contact:
  • Working languages: Serbian (mother tongue), English, Swedish
  • Fields of training expertise: Volunteering, Intercultural learning, Gender equality, Group dynamics, Conflict management
  • Motto: “She believed she could, so she did”.
  • Experience: Natalija is youth trainer who has been volunteering for more than 8 years now on different international and national projects. She has been on more than 13 international workcamps both as participant and as camp leader. She was coordinator of PR group in YRS-VSS for 4 years, where she worked on promoting volunteering projects, including short and long term projects. Natalija has been part of TNWG (Training Needs Working Group) for one year and part of GEWG (Gender Equality Working group) since 2015. As trainer, she has experience on 6 different trainings for camp leaders, both in Serbia and Germany. Natalija is currently doing her EVS project in Sweden for one year (until February 2019.) as youth leader for free time activities in youth center and primary school.
  • Curriculum Vitae

Mario Mormile

  • Organisation:
      YAP Italy
  • Contact:
  • Working languages: Italian (mother tongue), English, Spanish
  • Fields of training expertise: Volunteering, Sustainable Development, Visual Communication (Photo/Video), Conflict Management
  • Motto: “Hic et Nunc”.
  • Experience: During the last years of his education Mario has been extensively dedicated to volunteer in European projects with YAP Italy. He was involved as participant in several workcamps and since 2011 he got also engaged as coordinator. Mario collaborated with YAP also on trainings, youth exchanges, partnership building activities under the Erasmus+ programme and also contributed in projects applications writing. Since the 2017 Mario is involved as junior trainer in the formation of YAP workcamp leaders. In the last two years he partecipated as junior trainer in 2 training projects related to Human Rights, Migration and Freedom of Movement always organized by YAP. During the 2016 and 2017 Mario was involved PROTON project, representing in it YAP Italy. The project focused on cooperation between the formal and non-formal education fields in Latin America and Europe and its aim was fostering non-formal education approach inside the universities and promoting volunteering activities among students. In the 2017 Mario finalized the Long Term Training Course of the Alliance (LTTC) to become a trainer. He has already had the opportunity to work in a team for the creation and facilitation of workshops during the last Trainings for Campleaders of YAP and Lunaria, taking care of various topics including social inclusion, conflict management, communication and sustainability.
  • Curriculum Vitae

Evgenia Soldatova

  • Organisation:
  • Contact:
  • Working languages: Russia (mother tongue), English
  • Fields of training expertise: Communication and intercultural learning, environmental sustainability, integration/inclusion
  • Motto: “Meet new experiences, explore with open mind”
  • Experience: Jane has been involved in developing and running training for camp-leader since 2012 (topics communication, interaction local commmunities, intercultural learning), as well as in developing and running activities related with environmental sustainability and intercultural understanding for teens and kids during the last two years. Currently she works on integration of refugee kids and teens.
  • Curriculum Vitae

Kristina Grevtcova

  • Organisation:
  • Contact:
  • Working languages: Russian (mother tongue), English, Spanish
  • Fields of training expertise: team building,group dynamic, project planning, project management, setting goals, motivating groups, conflict resolution and constructive communication, oratory skills, tools for debriefing, facilitator skills, non-formal and in-formal education methods, intercultural learning, planning leadership, Dragon Dreaming project design, intercultural communication and peaceful way of life, leadership in in the field of sustainable development, theater tools and methods in working with youth, work with people with disabilities
  • Motto: “Make your dreams come true!”
  • Experience: All Kristina’s previous experience, both at work and in volunteering projects, has been connected with people and trainings, using non-formal and informal tools and methods, helping them in their personal development. Kristina annually holds trainings for future camp-leaders and volunteers in World4U organization and in her previous job she trained civil activists. Her biggest and most creative experience was working as manager and trainer with 3000 volunteers for the Ceremonies for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi 2014 and FIFA World Cup 2018. There she was organising and holding workshops, international and social training and a huge amount of management and creative work. Kristina will be happy to share her experience and to help to develop Alliance network by organizing capacity-building activities and events (internships, residencies, online and offline training courses, workshops, hackathons, conferences, coaching sessions, study trips).
  • Curriculum Vitae

Urška Opeka

  • Organisation:
  • Contact:
  • Working languages: Slovenian (mother tongue), English
  • Fields of training expertise: Volunteering, Intercultural learning, Team Building, Games, Training for Trainers, Group Dynamics, Leadership, Global education
  • Motto: “If you do what is easy, your life will be hard. If you do what is hard, your life will be easy”
  • Experience: Urška has got into the volunteering world in 2016 when she was an EVS volunteer with INEX-SDA working on their project “Football for development”. During her EVS she was leader of a group of 15 ambassadors of the project with whom she has traveled to different regions of Czech Republic, implementing various football workshops and fair play football tournaments for children and youth. In the same year Urška also attended her first teenage workcamp as a workcamp leader. Later on she participated in the Alliance LTTC training and also ran 3 international trainings for workcamp leaders as a junior trainer. Currently Urška is involved in a 1 year educational cycle “GLEN” which is focusing on global education, specifically on racism, gender equality and power structures that exist in the world.
  • Curriculum Vitae

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