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STEP to Change

A global initiative to empower youth organisations and to valorise the impact of volunteering.

“STEP to Change, build the common path” is a two-year project co-funded by the Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union and coordinated by CCIVS, with the participation of 4 IVS networks, among which the Alliance, and 21 national IVS organisations from Africa, America, Asia and Europe.


The aim is to strengthen IVS organisations globally, with trainings and practice phases according to the needs of each region, in the areas of organisational management and impact assessment. This process shall also be the start of a global diagnosis on IVS organisations worldwide, and will constitute the basis for the Monitoring and Empowerment System that CCIVS is developing.

The project consists of visits (STEPs) by experienced trainers/consultants to each region (Africa, America, Asia, Europe). Each visit is composed of an international training on organisational management and impact measurement, followed by field visits to local projects implemented by the involved national partners. The aim of the visits is to measure the impact of the projects with the hosting communities while at the same time completing the training with the host organisations. As a whole, 4 regional trainings, and 20 countries and organisations will be visited by the end of the project.

As a result of these STEPs, added to the empowered professionals and organisations, an interesting amount of information and data will be gathered, which will be used to produce a regional diagnosis of the needs and strengths in the organisations of every region, together with the results of the impact measurement of IVS in 20 different countries. The diagnosis and impact reports will be systemised and analysed, to produce the Global Report on the State of the Art of IVS.

Conclusions and strategies resulting from the Global Report will be discussed at the final seminar “Build the common path” that will take place in Hungary on June 2018.

STEP project kicked-off on March 2017 with the seminar “Setting the path” addressed to the steering team of representatives from the 4 international IVS networks and STEP trainers. The project continues along 2017 and 2018 with the regional visits:

  • STEP in Africa – May 2017
  • STEP in Asia – August 2017
  • STEP in America – October 2017
  • STEP in Europe – January 2018

The Alliance is contributing to the project as member of the steering team and as reporter during the visit in Asia.

For updates about the latest project developments, check the project blog and follow CCIVS facebook page.

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  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe