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LTTC 2020/2021: Value- based approach in IVS

The Alliance implements in 2020/21 its third LTTC edition.

This LTTC is made possible thanks to a workplan grant, awarded to the Alliance by the European Youth Fundation. 20 participants from 14 Alliance members based in 12 different countries are involved in the training cycle, coordinated by an international team of 3 trainers and 1 reporter. LTTC purpose is to develop facilitators’ competences in design, implementation and evaluation of NFE activities in order to improve the quality of Alliance events on every level of the network by establishing high quality standards. It is expected that the LTTC will provide members of the Alliance with well-prepared trainers, who in turn will be able to train the campleaders involved in the next IVS workcamp seasons. The thematic focus of LTTC 2020/21 is specifically on IVS values: how to relate them to workcamps and how to empower campleaders to reflect these values, aiming at social inclusion, gender equality & fight against sexism/gender-based discrimination, environmental sustainability, intercultural dialogue, promotion of peace and human rights.

Residential phase of the LTTC cycle and transformation as online seminar

The induction seminar hosted by VJF – Vereinigung Junger Freiwilliger e.V. in February 2020 aimed to built a deeper knowledge about the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations, and how to design IVS projects as structured pedagogical tools of non-formal education. After the first activity in Berlin in February 2020, the LTTC cycle was suspended due to the Covid- 19 outbreak, which hit the world right after the training. Holding consultation rounds with the EYF, with the participants and with the organisations, the Alliance decided to convert the residential format into several blocks of online sessions from April – June 2021. Besides the original focus on social inclusion and promotion of IVS values, the new online format included spaces to test new digital tools and to develop online and offline training skills.

May event

A group of motivated LTTC participants prepared, implemented and evaluated an additional online event, in order to hone their management and coordination skills. The group proceeded independently with all phases of the event, the trainers played only the role of “observers”. They choosed a format inspired by the workshops practiced during the LTTC, and proposed a 2-hour activity targeted to young volunteers and activists willing to join a workcamp – as a leader or as a participant. The event, that took place on 25th May 2021, was successful: several participants applied and were actively involved in the workshop. The event was an important follow-up which provided inspirations and self-confidence for future activities.


As one LTTC-outcome a handbook as standard educational model for campleaders’ preparation has been developed and is available for all Alliance members and interested IVS organisation at THIS LINK. It’s including topics, methods and concrete guidances to autonomously run national trainings of workcamp leaders.

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