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The Alliance Technical Meeting

The annual Technical Meeting (TM) of the Alliance is held in early March, hosted by a different member organisation each year. It is the main event at which all members, and many invited partners, meet to exchange and discuss the programmes for the forthcoming workcamp season. It is a very large event with lots of participants and it normally takes place over six days (the first three being for member organisations only) and is principally made up of bi-lateral discussions. Through a system of appointments, the representatives speak with all the partners they need to.

We would like to advice you, especially if you take part at the Technical Meeting for the first time, to read carefully the Extract from the Alliance Guidebook, updated by the Necessary Action Group TM (NAG TM), on the standards in presenting the workcamp programmes and managing the placement process during 2022 (the full Guidebook is available at this link). The Alliance organisations follow standards adopted at the GA, therefore each participating organisation should follow the procedures as described in this document. The extract also contain the sample of Yellow pages, which is the document usually provided during the Technical Meeting by every member, partner and guest organisation. In the document you have to highlight new and the most important things concerning your programmes, projects and organisation. For the season 2022 all Alliance organisations may provide their yellow pages through the form available at this link

In 2015, Alliance members have developed and adopted a series of recommendations about exchange good practice during the workcamp season. All IVS organisations cooperating within the Alliance are encouraged to apply these recommendations to ensure greater transparency and efficiency of the exchanges system.

The Alliance Data Interchange Handbook – ADIH (last version available here – last update 17.03.2022) was prepared by the Technical Support Group in 2010 to help IT technicians of Alliance organisations to create or adapt their placement programmes and ease the data interchange. The ADIH can be updated by decision of the Alliance General Assembly.

You can also consult a new document prepared by the NAG TM with the Golden Rules of placement of incoming and outgoing officers, which is specially useful for the new staff of IVS organisations.

The next Alliance Technical Meeting 2022 was hosted by EstYES in Tallinn,Estonia, from 31st March to 05th April.

The exact schedule was as follows:

  • 31/03: Arrival of TM participants from members, partners and guests;
  • 01/04: TM Infosession, Workshops;
  • 02/04: Bilaterals, Workshops;
  • 03/04: Bilaterals, Workshops;
  • 04/04: Bilaterals, Workshops;
  • 05/04: Departures.

See you in 2023 in Latvia (TM hosted by Youth 4 Smile)!!!

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe