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Alliance letter to EU Commission and MEPs: COVID-19 impact on youth organisations


Published: 22/04/2020

Alliance members, as well as all youth, non-profit and civic society organisations, are heavily affected by the spread of COVID-19 and they are experiencing serious difficulties in the management of their activities, in particular Erasmus+ (E+) and European Solidarity Corps (ESC) projects.

As a network the Alliance wanted to bring its members' concerns to the European institutional level. For this reason we have collected among the membership the most urgent issues that the virus spread caused in the management of E+ and ESC projects.

We then presented these issues in a Recommendation Letter that we addressed to the EU Commission and to specific members of the European Parliament.

In the letter we present the issues we collected among members and we propose possible related solutions, for youth organisations to be supported in overcoming the negative impacts that COVID-19 spread is causing on youth projects, volunteering, learning and mobility.

The letter was developed thanks to the contribution of several people active in the Alliance Development Committee, External Relations Committee and Staff Development Working Group.


The members of the EU Parliament that we contacted reacted to our letter. You can read at this link their reply.

We received as well a very detailed reply from the Commission! EU Commission's answers to our questions are available at this link. Here you can find the email of Sophia Eriksson, Director for Youth, Education and Erasmus+, in its full version.

We will keep you updated about further development and results of our advocacy actions.

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