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Alliance Migration Day

Migration Day 2016
Migration Day and Common Action 2016

Published: 05/07/2016

To support Alliance work in the field of migration and human rights, the Global Action Task Force, launches a call for a "Migration Day". The aim of this proposal is to organise and promote several activities linked to this topic (choosen as theme of the year by the General Assembly 2015) during the workcamp season.

The Alliance is sending out a call to all the members and partners of the Alliance to participate and spread the message of welcoming refuges/migrants within its network and activities (Workcamps, MTV, LTV, Trainings, EVS...).

Workcamps are a tool to help promote intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service. While European institutions are not succeeding in facilitating the process of the welcoming and supporting refugees among the member state and some governments are building fences and closing borders, Voluntary Service in its essence is a way to open borders, to give space to Volunteers with different cultural, social and economical backgrounds to build peace and tolerance.

We want to invite all our members and partners to choose a date that is convenient to organize one or several activities that are linked with the theme of migration within one Workcamp during summer 2016.

Download the call to learn how to join the Migration Day and to read about the proposed activities that can be organized in the workcamps.

Beside a date every organization is free to choose, we also would like to organize a thunderclap during the General Conference to give visibility, putting pictures and messages on the web of the actions already done or planned.

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    The European Union and the Council of Europe

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