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Eco-logical Training Course

5 intense working days in Laguepie (France) in December 2013 to contribute raising awareness on the importance of sustainability in voluntary work as in everyday life.

23 participants from 11 Alliance member organisations, 4 trainers and the coordinator of the Environmental Sustainability Working Group, took part in the “Eco-Logical!” training course, wonderfully hosted by the Association Citrus, member of Solidarités Jeunesses, and supported by the French Agency of the Youth in Action programme of the European Union.

Participants shared their knowledge and experience with the aim of improving their theoretical and practical skills to promote and support sustainability in general and the Sustainability Campaign within the Alliance. Study sessions, simulations and workshops allowed participants to commit themselves in the making of the Sustainability Campaign activities for 2014, according to the ESWG plan of action. Participants were also encouraged to contribute theoretically and practically to the development of programs and tools, and to share and exchange good and sustainable practices. The training course provided an inspiring atmosphere and as a result quite a few practical outcomes were produced: follow-ups, possible add-ons to the Sustainability Campaign toolkit, examples, best practices and tools. The setting enabled a multiplying effect and a fruitful process that brought together ideas at international and national as well at individual level. Moreover, it still does! The experience and the common cause keep inspiring the participants. It is now time for every organization to find appropriate spaces, moments and roles for theirs participants to take action putting into practice sustainability in voluntary work and projects.

During the Eco-logical training

During the Eco-logical training

Session at the Eco-logical training

Session at the Eco-logical training

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