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Closing the Alliance LTTC 2017

LTTC graduated trainers

Published: 11/10/2017

The second edition of Alliance Long Term Training Course for Trainers of Workcamp Leaders has just finished in Moraira (Spain), at the end of September with the final Evaluation Seminar. 17 young trainers from 12 countries and 15 Alliance members have successfully finished the LTTC and have their doors wide open to the Alliance working groups, pool of trainers and its many events. Together during the practice phase they have contributed to 37 national trainings attended by 217 workcamp leaders, who then coordinated 388 workcamps.


This one-year training cycle was made possible thanks to the team of trainers, coming from the Alliance PoT, and to the financial support of the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation. The trainers of the LTTC 2017 have been: Dusan Milojevic, Jelena Ristic Beronja, Sara Mandozzi, Antje Springer, Julia Nieto Rodrigez, Marija Pantelic

The next LTTC will be organized in 2019 or 2020: note it down and do not to lose the opportunity to send your future trainers and activists in the IVS movement! the LTTC 2015 has brought to the network its current Vicepresident for External Relations, TNWG coordinator, 5 junior trainers in the PoT, so with much enthusiasm we are waiting to see the development of the generation 2017 and their meaningful contribution to the Alliance life!

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