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Let’s speak up for peace


Published: 23/03/2016

Today we live in a truly global community, affected by the same issues, violence and fear that concern us all.

That is why we would like to ask citizens across the world to join us in demanding peace, to give a collective and strong message to the world, to the volunteers, the institutions, that we will not stay silent and that we will continue to work together for mutual understanding, social inclusion, human rights for all.

It is a symbolic action but it can help to clearly raise the voice of IVS movement for peace.

You can join this collective effort this by taking part in the following actions:

1) By launching a demand for peace on your social media channels and inviting others to do the same. Use the following hashtags in your demand #PeaceNow #IVS4Peace (on facebook, twitter and other social medias). For example: We the Alliance want #PeaceNow #IVS4Peace

2) Join our Thunderclap, join a coordinated response to spread the following message: We the members and volunteers of the IVS movement are committed to working for #PeaceNow #IVS4Peace... Join us! How? By encouraging members and users to sign up for the following Thunderclap campaign We have around one week to sign up 100 social media (facebook / twitter ) accounts to the campaign. Once we receive this support Thunderclap will simultaneously post the following message!

This common action will send a strong and coordinated message that we not only demand peace, but we as a movement are committed to working to build it!

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe