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New developments in the Alliance!

MC 2015-16
Management Committees 2015-2016

Published: 12/11/2015

Being one of the most participated assemblies in the recent history of the network, the GA 2015 brought winds of change and new exciting plans in the Alliance!

Within the Plan of Action 2016, two new task forces have been established on Gender Equality in IVS and on Global Action issues. Updated versions of the Accessing Policy Paper and the Representation guide have been adopted and many other commitments have been taken by members and Working Groups along 2016.

The network welcomed two new candidate members: Egyesek from Hungary and Open Houses from Germany. A candidate member, Xchange Scotland, acquired the status of Full Member.

New representatives were elected in the Executive Committee, specifically: Legambiente (Italy) represented by Mattia Lolli as President, Xchange Scotland represented by Martin Avila as Treasurer, VJF (Germany) represented by Jana Gander as Vicepresident for External Relations and World4U (Russia) represented by Yulia Utenkova as Additional Member.

Some new organisations entered the Management Committee and will coordinate the Working Groups and Committees for 2016: apart from Lunaria (Italy) and Grenzenlos (Austria) that will coordinate respectively ADC and A4AWG for one more year, the new representatives are from IBG (Germany) for the Environmental Sustainability Working Group, from SJ (France) for the External Relations Committee, from Alternative-V (Ukraine) for the Staff Development Working Group and from Elix (Greece) for the Training Needs Working Group.

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