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Executive and Management Committees & Alliance Staff

The Alliance is managed in participatory way by the members through two main bodies mandated by the General Assembly: the Executive Committee and the Management Committee

The Executive Committee (EC)

The role of the Alliance EC is to be responsible for the implementation of the Alliance plan of action and the daily running of the Alliance. According to the Standing Orders responsibilities of all the EC members are as follows:

  • Represent the Alliance in meetings, and ensure feedback into the Alliance
  • co-ordinate other representatives (non-EC members) involved in the implementation of Plan of Action
  • Co-ordinate working groups appointed by the General Assembly
  • Confer with hosting organisations on preparation of events/projects
  • Ensure accurate production of the GA minutes or other constitutional meetings
  • Stimulate strategic developments of the Alliance
  • collect the proposals for constitutional changes and other future developments of the network
  • encourage new membership and support the members and partner organisations
  • ensure the continuity of respective position in the EC by recruiting and preparing new members to carry out the duties after new elections to the EC
  • take ad hoc tasks decided in the EC

On day-to-day basis these tasks are distributed between different EC members. All EC decisions, however, are taken collectively by all members of the EC – this means that apart from position-specific tasks all the EC members have a responsibility of general decision-making/management in the Alliance.

According to the Alliance Constitution the Executive Committee of the Alliance consists at the moment of six members. In 2018 they are:

Role Name Org/Country EC member since
President Mattia Lolli Legambiente/Italy 2014
Vicepresident Jannika Mumme IBG/Germany 2017
Vicepresident for External Relations Jana Gander VJF/Germany 2015
Treasurer Anthony Crochu Concordia/France 2018
General Secretary Philipp Melikyan HUJ/Armenia 2016
Additional Member Tilemachos Boni Elix/Greece 2018

The Executive Committee shall be in charge of the management and the operation of the Alliance in accordance with the decisions of the Alliance in the General Assembly and is accountable for its decisions to the GA. It meets five times a year.

The Alliance EC is supported by the Alliance secretariat.

Alliance Secretary is Serena Verlato

After 18 years spent in a very small Italian village and guessing the world was bigger than her farm and more complex than the green field where her sheep and dogs lived happy, Serena moves to Rome where she studies Anthropology. After few years she decides to leave and settle down for a while in Bulgaria first, then in Vietnam. Back to Italy she jumps on the volunteering world and she moves to Belgium for an EVS projects in CBB organisation, working with disabled people. She discovers a field that she will not leave anymore! After her EVS, Serena completes her studies of social worker while being for 5 years in CBB as a youth worker, following up the EVS projects of many other youngsters wishing to volunteer and having mobility experiences. Since January 2018 she is the new Secretary of the network, learning to do 10 things at the same time, hoping to develop soon some superpowers and praying so that at least other 2 harms may show up in her back in a close future!

Alliance Secretariat is hosted in Rome, in Lunaria office.

Other staff roles contribute to the development of the network projects and activities:

  • Alliance Course Director: Natalia Nikitina
  • Alliance Financial Assistant: Marco Paoli

    The Management Committee (MC)

    The MC is the joint committee composed of the EC and the coordinators of the 5 Working Groups and 2 Committees. It supports the Executive Committee in the decision-making process and provides for broader involvement of the Alliance members in the strategic management of the network. Its tasks are:

        • to support execution of the Alliance Plan of Action,
        • to strengthen connection between the Alliance Executive Committee and Working Groups,
        • to ensure consistency of the Alliance events,
        • to facilitate information flow between the Executive Committee, Working Groups and the Alliance members,
        • to discuss main proposals and issues for the General Assembly, e.g. budget, Plan of Action, changes in the Constitution and Standing Orders,
        • to prepare potential Executive Committee members

    The new ALLIANCE MANAGEMENT COMMITTEE after the General Assembly 2018 is composed of: Sophie Chielens (ADC Coordinator/CBB Belgium); Andres Santiago Jimenez (A4AWG coordinator/Elix/Greece); Aitziber Miguel (ESWG coordinator/De Amicitia/Spain); Pauliina Meskus (ERC coordinator/Allianssi Youth Exchange/Finland); Lukas Wurtinger (SDWG coordinator/IBG/Germany); Lenka Polcerová (TNWG coordinator/Inex SDA/Czech Republic); Hugo Hecquard (GEWG coordinator/Concordia France).

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe