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Common action 2015: Cook 4 Climate Day

Cook 4 Climate Day – a Candle Light Dinner towards Paris COP21

Alliance Common Action in 2015 dealt with food and climate change. We wanted to underline that international volunteers participate in the fight against climate change as it is something that affects us all. If global warming keeps on increasing with the same speed as the last years, it will bring irreversible changes with devastating consequences in all parts of the world: flooding, erosion, decreasing water quality and decreasing availability of water resources, new illnesses and diseases, more plant and animal species at increased risk of extinction, heavy costs on society and economy. Developing countries and deprived regions are among the most affected areas.

2015 has been a very important year as the UN Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) held its 21st meeting in Paris where another binding agreement for the reduction of emissions from all countries was expected. The CoP of Paris has been an important opportunity to overcome the economic crisis and thus create new chances for people and communities.

For the Cook 4 Climate Day we invited all networks and organizations to join this fight against climate change.

In 140 workcamps of 25 associations the groups of volunteers prepared a sustainable meal (local and seasonal products, organic food, no food waste, agriculture, critical consumption, etc) together and gather together at a candle light dinner, thus, making a conncection to the urgent matter of Climate Change and how we can all easily influence it positively.

If you have any comments, ideas and/or questions please contact the Environmental Sustainability Working Group of the Alliance at

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