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Common action 2014: Energy Free Day

Don’t Rely on Power, Be the Power!

We are all part of a great movement, a global challenge that connects our lives. It manifests itself in all of our actions – may they be big or small.

This year, however, we will take it to a new level: part of the 2014 Sustainability Campaign was the organization of an international event that was implemented simultaneously in the workcamps of the Alliance and other networks: the Energy- Free Day!

Alliance Energy Free Day 2014
Alliance Energy Free Day 2014

On 26th of July, all electricity in Alliance voluntary projects were switched off.

We encouraged our volunteers to use their creativity, knowledge and intelligence to find ways to carry out their working or leisure activities without electricity, in a more natural and simple way. With this common action we want to increase the awareness among volunteers and local communities about saving energy and its positive impact on local and international levels.

What can we do in our daily lives to have a positive impact on the environment, our local community or even the world?

But what happens if a workcamp is taking place before or after the event date? We strongly encouraged organizations to implement the ENERGY FREE DAY in workcamps and other voluntary projects on other days as well. Taking action and raising awareness is not limited to one day!

To see how many workcamps joined this action across the world in 2014, check the Energy Free Map!

Here is a link with the tools prepared by the Environmental Sustainability Working Group, that can help workcamp leaders, staff and volunteers to disseminate information, prepare and implement the Energy Free Day with innovative, fresh and sustainable ideas.

If you have suggestions and ideas about events/workshops/performances/activities that can be run during the Energy Free Day, or solutions to face critical situations that could occur, please write to

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