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1Table4All – Common Action 2017

In 2017 IVS season, the Alliance focuses its awareness campaigns on Migration, the theme of the year, as well as Social Inclusion, Environmental Sustainability, Gender Equality.

With 1Table4All we want to promote more inclusive societies, aware about the value of diversity and the contribution that all different actors can bring to local communities.


All Alliance organisations and volunteers are invited to join the 1Table4All common action by organising a shared meal in their workcamps, creating the longest table possible and inviting all local actors such as authorities, associations, press, companies, project partners, youths hubs, migrants centres, citizens, families, tourists…

How to do it?

  1. Prepare the meal with volunteers, local citizens, associations, institutions…
  2. Set up a long table
  3. Take a picture using #1Table4All and share it on social media (@alliance_europe) or via e-mail to

What support is available?

Logo of Alliance common action 2017





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If you have any comments, ideas and/or questions please contact the Environmental Sustainability Working Group of the Alliance:

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe