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Training for Trainers

The Training for Trainers aims at training volunteers and leaders who will act as multiplyers within their organisations.

Since the adoption of the Training and Educational Policy paper by Alliance members in 2013, the Alliance TfT is included in the one-year Long Term Training Course.

Here is a list of the Trainings for Trainers organized by the Alliance in the past years with the contribution of Alliance Working Groups and the members hosting the event.

TfT 2013: “Domino Effect – Training for Change Triggers”

TfT 2013
TfT 2013

Hosted by Jeunesse et Reconstruction in Aubervilliers (Paris, France) between 5th and 13th May, the training was the first TfT integrated into the wider Long Term Training Course (LTTC) which linked three of the most important events: the Study Session as a preparatory phase (March 2013), the TfT as a training phase (May 2013), a practice phase during the Summer 2013, and a Post Evaluation meeting as evaluation and follow-up planning phase on September (replaced by an online evaluation process with the participants of the TfT). The whole training cycle for 2013 aimed at setting the basis for the development of an Alliance training standard on how to train national camp leaders of workcamps in the Alliance member organisations and thus contributing to a more durable and long lasting effect of IVS on personal development of volunteers and camp leaders.

Following this line, the TfT Domino Effect aimed at preparing the trainers of national youth leaders in short term IVS projects (workcamps) to deliver their training according to the quality standards on IVS agreed within the Alliance, while at the same time setting common quality criteria for the future standardization of such national trainings within the network. After the TfT, participants could put in practice their learning achievements in their respective organisations during the summer of 2013, on national trainings of youth leaders.

21 participants from 11 member organisations took part in the training, facilitated by two experienced trainers and supported by the Youth in Action programme of the European Union. Here you can download:

TfT 2012: “PEERS’ CARAVAN – Young Trainers for Inclusion”

TfT 2012
TfT 2012

Hosted by Lunaria, the training took place between 12th and 18th April in Rispescia (Italy), and focussed on the issue of Inclusion.

“PEERS’ CARAVAN – Young Trainers for Inclusion” was prepared in cooperation with the Access 4 All Working group and the International Campaign for Sustainability in Voluntary Service. The idea came out from the A4A Working Group, active in the field of accessing policies and social inclusion since 1998, who launched the proposal to organize a training course to define a wide inclusion strategy where sustainability may be considered the “K-word” to ease the participation of young people coming from less privileged backgrounds. For this reason the aim of the project was to provide participants from European and EEC countries with new concrete tools on social inclusion and sustainability, to make them able to transfer their knowledge to other young people and less privileged beneficiaries once back home.

The training was realized thanks to the financial support of the European Commission through the Youth in Action project. Here you can download:

Previous TfTs

  • TfT 2011 “Volunteering MAP: Motivation Action Participation” – 16-21 October 2011 – hosted by Genctur

The internal reports of these TfTs are available in the members’ dedicated section of the website.

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