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MY World campaign in Alliance workcamps

A unique opportunity for the grassroots IVS movement to make its voice heard for the next World Development Agenda


What is MY World?

MY World is a global survey for citizens led by the United Nations, that started in 2012. It aims to involve citizens from all over the world in drafting the priority issues that the United Nations will address with the post-2015 Development Goals.

Through an online survey and several others tools, and thanks to the contribution of partners such as the Alliance, it engages people and communities in a conversation about the challenges they are facing and communicates the results to the world leaders as they develop the next World Development Agenda.

This agenda will set targets to be achieved in the coming 15 years, and for the first time citizens worldwide have the opportunity to have their say on it, until September 2015. In concrete words, MyWorld asks individuals which six, out of sixteen possible issues, they think would make the most difference to their lives.

How can Alliance participate?

The role of workcamps and the Alliance

Through workcamps and other forms of IVS, every year Alliance members and thousands of volunteers worldwide participate in the development and improvement of local communities. We are firmly convinced that through International Voluntary Service and community action we can concretely accelerate achievements from local to global level… it is time to make the voice of volunteers and communities heard!

One key area of the Development Goals that emerges as a major challenge, is the fight against inequality within societies as well as the need to promote sustainable patterns of consumption and production at global level. In the Alliance we also target these main priorities through the Accessing and the Environmental Sustainability Campaigns.

united nations volunteers

The partnership of the United Nations Volunteers programme and the Alliance within MyWorld campaign, is a unique chance to give visibility to the role of IVS worldwide and launch reflections among workcamp volunteers and local communities about the world we want to build.

How to participate

Any individual can vote once for 6 priorities, until September 2015. Volunteers and citizens from the local communities hosting workcamps are particularly invited to express also their own priorities(at the bottom of the ballot) and represent the voice of the IVS movement within this global survey. The total results of votes collected through workcamps of Alliance member organisations will be traceable through the special Alliance ID: workcamp. The votes are anonymous and the survey will be active until 31st August 2015.

How to vote?

a) Through the online survey, right here right now!

b) Through other offline tools

If there is no internet connection at your workcamp, you can use several tools to gather the votes of the other volunteers and local citizens, and submit them at a later stage by 31st August:

  1. Ballot forms: download and print the cards (EN, FR, ES, RU) and the explanation of the priority issues. Distribute them among participants in the workcamp and collect them once they are filled in. At the end of the workcamp, scan them and send them to within 31st August.
  2. Download the MyWorld2015 Android app on your device, use the Alliance partner ID “workcamp” and save the votes of your workcamp mates. When your device will be connected to the internet, you can send to the UN database the votes previously saved.

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