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Peacebuilding and advocacy training course

The training course “Young people building peace and intercultural dialogue through advocacy and cooperation”, supported by the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, was created by initiative of the Alliance External Relations Committee.

Advocacy training 2013
Advocacy training 2013

It took place in Tallinn (Estonia) hosted by Estyes, on 4-10 February 2013 with the participation of 23 young people from 12 countries.

The aim was to empower Alliance members and its young volunteers to advocate for values that are implied in the workcamps: cultural understanding, peace and youth cooperation. The general objective was to train young people to gain competences in external relations and advocating for Alliance values in regard to volunteering.

The main themese were participation of young people in democratic life, advocacy and peace building. Here you can download the final daily programme.

Council of Europe
Council of Europe

The preparatory and facilitators team was formed by experienced members of the External Relations Committee, representatives of the Training Needs Working Group and the host Estyes, 3 experts (two former Alliance presidents, also with experience in the Advisory Council, the Alliance Vicepresident for External Relations and 2 external speakers (Ms. Sandra Kamilova from YFJ and Ms. Ausrine Armonaite from the Advisory Council.

These are some of the SHORT AND LONG TERM OUTCOMES of the training, achieved along 2013 thanks to the contribution of volunteers directly and indirectly involved in the training.

  • Concrete work on the representation plan
  • The group worked on the Alliance representation plan (ARP). Several workshops were organized in order to analyze, understand and take over this document. Young people are able to express their values as well as those of a collective network, to analyze a policy decision and acquire more knowledge related to youth and peace issues bodies.

  • Setting the pool of ambassadors
  • The presence of former participants on international level as well as future participation in the Alliance External Relations Committee (ERC) can be expected. Volunteers will be able to participate in decision making bodies, events and to have a multiplier effect at different levels (from their own organizational level to the European one). For that they will join the Pool of Ambassadors and participate in the Alliance External Relations committee, campaigns and events. One of the concrete results is also that some of the participants contributed in preparing the application of the Alliance to become part of the Advisory Council on Youth 2014-2015.

  • Organisation of a workshop/debate on peace building and CoE work in the next events of Alliance (2014)
  • In order to increase peace building and intercultural dimension advocacy within the network a workshop on peace building and CoE work will be organized in the next events of Alliance (2014). Several participants of the training are currently working on the creation of a workshop on peace building to be presented early in 2014.

  • Preparation of the content of Alliance promotional video on volunteering
  • The project of a promotional video about the Alliance network and its workcamps was approved and is supported by the EUROPEAN YOUTH FOUNDATION from the Council of Europe. The aim is to produce an awareness raising tool, in order to reach large public and introduce international workcamps and volunteering as a mean to promote peace. Several ideas about contents were brainstormed during the training and were later shared with the video makers team. The video makers team are travelling between June and September 2013 capturing the workcamp season of the Alliance in Europe. They will be editing and finalizing the video in order to present it in November at the GA 2013.

  • Run online promotion campaign in social media
  • One of the participants of the training will be in charge of helping managing the Alliance facebook page . The idea is to use the great potential of the social media in an efficient and strategically way. In 2014, a campaign in social media connected with peace building (and the workshop that will be held in the Technical Meeting 2014) will be organised.

  • Create an Alliance slogan
  • A part of the group worked on ideas to get a slogan for the network. After collecting a pool of words the group started to put them together in slogans and catchy sentences, which were written down on a chart and presented to the audience. The best slogans were selected by the audience and are listed below:

    Friend(ship), Relation(ship), Citizen(ship)
    Sometimes forget about money and volunteer
    Wonderful world of workcamps
    Connecting people worldwide (since 1982)
    Think bigger, make the world brighter, feel stronger
    Hand in hand, step by step
    Experience the experience
    Create your future today
    Be the change, be the move, be the youth

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe