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Pool of Trainers

The Alliance Pool of Trainers (A-PoT) was relaunched along 2014 with the adoption by the General Assembly 2013 of the first Training and Education policy paper, where the profile, duties and benefits of Alliance pool of trainers and other educational structures are detailed.

A-PoT is primary meant to be a trainer resource for Alliance Educational Activities. It aims to facilitate empowerment of individuals and to be an important resource of knowledge, skills, experience and expertise that will contribute to capacity building and development of Alliance as a network, its member and partner organizations as well as any institution cooperating with Alliance. Meet here the current members of Alliance PoT.

The objectives and tasks of the pool are:

  • To assist members with tools to make their work more convenient, effective and efficient;
  • To implement Alliance’ LTTC in cooperation with TNWG;
  • To provide services (trainings, facilitation, moderation and consultancy) to Alliance, its member organization and institution that aligns interests for cooperation;
  • To ensure quality of Alliance educational activities by having a proper range of training topics;
  • To foster a space for education, creativity and exchange of good practice and experience among trainers;
  • To ensure space and opportunity for trainers to become more experienced, to develop (training) methods and give them opportunity for self-development;
  • Enabling trainers and participants to deal with changes effectively and pro-actively;
  • To establish an important knowledge-based resource centre, whose expertise will be used in planning of the Alliance projects;
  • To establish a functional framework that will act as a recognized body consulting on youth/volunteer issues according to the present trainers’ expertise;
  • To promote equity, social cohesion and active citizenship in Alliance educational activities;
  • To strengthen coherence between Alliance Educational Activities.

The coordinator of the Training Needs Working Group and the Alliance Course Director are in charge of launching the call for new trainers to join the PoT, every two years, and to select its members, who must be mandated by an Alliance member organisation and should commit for at least 2 years.

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe