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Necessary Action Groups (NAGs)

What are Necessary Action Groups (NAGs)?

A NAG is a temporary, self-organized group with a clear, time-limited, and specific task to prepare, implement, and complete. When an activity is essential for the existence of the network, it becomes a task for a NAG. These tasks can be either recurrent events that are necessary for the life of the network (GA, TM, Joint Meeting, etc.) or specific actions that the Alliance considers essential for its survival in the following year. Each NAG receives clear guidelines from the General Assembly, to complete its task. All this information is outlined in the yearly Plan of Action (output – expected outcomes/impact, success indicators to measure progress) and, in the case of events, also in the Standing Orders. The Plan of Action contains only the activities to be implemented by NAGs. Following the decisions of the Alliance General Assembly 2021, the following Necessary Action Groups (NAGs) had been formed:

  • NAG Technical Meeting 2022
  • NAG General Assembly 2022
  • NAG September Joint Meeting 2022
  • NAG Re-Group
  • NAG Knowledge Management
  • NAG Alliance Placement Tool
  • NAG IVS Networks
  • NAG Projects
  • NAG EYF Study Session 2022
  • NAG EYF Workplan 2023
  • NAG Education

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe