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Local activities

The awareness raising campaigns and events are organized by the partners at local or national level. The overall goal is to disseminate information about Learning Bridges project and raise awareness among youth, local associations and public authorities about volunteering as an opportunity for the personal development of young people as active citizens and their social involvement in the life of the community where they live or develop their voluntary project.

At the end of the project, 16 campaigns/events have been organized in 14 different countries, reaching a big variety of target groups depending on the needs and reality of the local context and organisation. Overall, the events saw the participation of more than 4000 young people, youth workers and representatives from local public and private stakeholders.

cedru san rafael
CEDRU at San Rafael high school

“Tu sirves, para aprender”, CEDRU (Nicaragua) 6-24 April 2013

With the information campaign in 6 schools of San Rafael del Sur, the participation in a fair and a meeting with local stakeholders, CEDRU could inform hundreds of young people about the activities of their environmental voluntary brigades, thanks to the involvement and testimonies of dozens of young active volunteers who shared with their peers what they learn and gain through volunteering.

One of the stands at ACI event

“Abriendo fronteras” with ACI (Costa Rica) 20 April 2013

More than 250 young people and their families visited the International Open day “Opening borders” organized by ACI to motivate young Costa Ricans to embark on a volunteering experience in another country. Visitors could taste a bit of the countries presented by the international volunteers of ACI, “travelling” from one stand to another.

Promotional leaflet of Concordia UK event

“Young people needed!” at Concordia UK – 11 May 2013

A promotional event was organized to raise awareness among young people and their parents, about international volunteering. The day was enriched with workshops, outdoor activities, informational stands about volunteering opportunities abroad and in the UK, and even a special Mexican buffet prepared by the visiting staff from Mexico hosted by Concordia.

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