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100th Anniversary of International Voluntary Service

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In 2020, workcamps celebrated their 100th anniversary! The year 2020 was quite special and was definitely not the anniversary the IVS movement had imagined. Still, the anniversary was a good opportunity to increase the visibility of workcamps and IVS, shedding light on our roots and values: intercultural education, understanding and peace through voluntary service intercultural understanding, peace, active citizenship, social inclusion, respect of human rights, gender equality, youth mobility, sustainability, recognition of non-formal education.

The Alliance cooperated with its sister networks (CCIVS, SCI, NVDA…) to celebrate the IVS movement at best! To do so, Alliance General Assembly 2019, adopted a common 100th anniversary Action Plan, coordinated by INEX-SDA, Lunaria, IBG, CBB, YRS-VSS, SCI France, and our External Relations Committee.

The Action Plan aimed at collecting stories of volunteers, IVS organisations and local communities hosting workcamps; collecting pictures and videos on IVS; spreading articles about the anniversary and many other initiatives.

At this link you can read one article produced, written by Alicia of IBG Germany!

Enjoy the reading!

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