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Environmental Sustainability tools

The Environmental Sustainability Working Group of the Alliance created a toolkit in support of all Alliance organisations, in order to give them practical instruments and methodologies to improve the sustainability in workcamps and volunteering projects.

Everyone is welcome to download and use these tools in voluntary projects organized anywhere in the world!

  • Green Office infosheet: sustainability is about everyday life at home and in our working space! The ESWG has prepared a practical one-page infosheet for any offices, that can be printed and kept on the wall as a daily reminder.
  • Booklet “Seed up and regrow!”: it was originally produced in the framework of “IVS against Climate Change” campaign, as thank-you to participants of the Alliance’s Common Action “Cook4Climate Day” in 2015, but will hopefully serve as inspiration for many other volunteers, sustainability campaigners and home gardeners. It contains tips and instructions about how to grow (at least some of) the ingredients used in sustainable meals at home, in the garden, on the balcony or even in the office.
  • Environmental Sustainability Handbook – version 2016: recommends a variety of good ecological practices to be implemented during workcamps and all events; it has to be sent to local organisers of workcamps, organisations hosting any kind of event and camp leaders (and discussed among volunteers).
  • Environmental Sustainability Food Infosheet 2016: gives some information on the correlation between food and environment and contains several recipes; it has to be sent to camp leaders and discussed among volunteers.
  • Infosheet Sustainable Transport 2016: is a collection of information suggesting a low-impact travel choice in several countries; it has to be sent to the volunteers before or together with the workcamp infosheet.
  • Evaluation forms: help us in monitoring the effectiveness of the environmental sustainability we are promoting inside the workcamps; the form has to be sent to camp leaders, filled by them soon after the workcamp and then elaborated for an evaluation of the Campaign.
  • Training Workshop for Camp Leaders: is a model of workshop aimed at informing and involving the camp leaders about the Sustainability Campaign; it is to be implemented during each organisation’s national seminar and that can be carried out in approximately 2 hours and/or be modified according to the different needs of each organisation.
  • Sustainability Games (updated 2016): contains several games about interrelation among sustainability, development and environment.

If you have any questions or contributions please do not hesitate to contact the Working Group at:

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