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Alliance Structural Bodies

According to the Alliance statistics, every year an average of 15.000 young volunteers participate in more than 1300 local community projects organized by member organisations. The Alliance is a network for its members and by its members, promoting democratic competencies among young people.

The Alliance is very proud to have succeeded over the years to engage an impressive number of young people in its management and development, who in this way are trained to develop democratic competencies and act as multipliers. Until the Alliance General Assembly (GA) 2021, the network was run by the Alliance Executive Committee (6 elected representatives) and the Coordinators of the 7 Alliance Working Groups and Committees (appointed by the Alliance General Assembly) that promote specific commonly decided policies and work towards the quality development of the network.

In 2019, following the resolution of the Alliance Congressino 2019 and the decisions of the GA 2019, the Alliance stepped on a path of restructuring, and the “4 Years Task Force” (Later renamed RE-Group) was formed to prepare and implement the structural decisions. At the GA 2021, the first steps of transition had been approved and reflected in the Plan of Action 2022. Following the decisions of the Alliance General Assembly 2021;

  1. TTwo new kinds of Alliance structural bodies are established according to the restructuring plan: Necessary Action Groups (NAGs) and Communities of Interest (COIs). Many projects, tasks, and activities of the past Alliance structural bodies (Committees, Working Groups, and Task Forces) are being transferred to NAGs and COIs.
  2. Temporary positions called “EC peers” are created for the next year (from GA 2021 until GA 2022), aimed to support the Executive Committee in their current tasks as well as to support the future NAGs and COIs during this transitional period.

For more information about the Alliance restructuring process, you can check the specific website by this LINK

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe