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Time 2 Team Project

It is an undeniable fact, shared among a majority of youth organisations, that European Solidarity Corps (ESC) has brought new perspectives for volunteering in Europe. The ESC is built upon the successful implementation of the previously known as European Voluntary Service programme, a flagship programme of the EU for the last 20 years. Even though similarities between the two programmes are evident, there are new elements introduced with the major one being the Volunteering Teams. Volunteering Teams in its core idea involve 10 to 40 young people for 2 weeks to 2 months supporting a local community through an international volunteering project.

Over the last 100 years of its existence, the International Voluntary Service movement has been developing international workcamps as its core activity, which now have been recognized by the EU through the creation of an EU Programme, the European Solidarity Corps and the insertion of the concept of volunteering teams therein.

Time 2 Team Logo
Time 2 Team Logo

Consequently, the Time 2 Team project aims to ensure the sustainability of international volunteering activities, whether funded by an EU programme or being funded by organisations’ own sources as well as to upscale already existing methods that will lead to increased quality and recognition of youth work and volunteering in Europe.

The main objectives of this project include:

  • identify best practice, successful working methods and tools for the development of volunteering team activities within the IVS movement, and extended,
  • standardize and upscale existing practice in the field of International Volunteering,
  • increase the quality of youth work through enhanced methodological planning, preparation, mentoring and follow-up of volunteering team activities,
  • disseminate the project results to other stakeholders implementing volunteering teams,
  • ensure empowerment, by upscaling the impact of international mobility for the integration of young people with fewer opportunities, migrants and refugees in local and international actions for social change.

10 organisations are partners on this project : Concordia France, Alliance, Allianssi, Compagnons Batisseurs Belgique, Egyesek, Elix, Grenzenlos, IBG, Lunaria, Solidarités Jeunesses.

As a result of the project the consortium have produced common guidelines for ESC Volunteering Teams exchanges in Alliance, policy recommendations to external stakeholders and, good practices / inspiring stories from previous ESC Volunteering Teams experiences.

Guidelines for the implementation of ESC Volunteering Teams based on the experience of the organisations of the consortium. This document is produced as a result of the Time2Team project and meant to support international volunteering organisations which are interested in joining the cooperation projects funded by the European Solidarity Corps. Based on the experience of the organisations participating in the project, we aim to analyse the current reality, exchange and standardise good practice and be able to multiply the results to other IVS organisations implementing ESC Volunteering Teams.

Leaflet on “Inspiring stories”: outline all the existing practices in the implementation of the programme, including examples of projects and ideas for inspiration as well as hints for the quality implementation of volunteering team activities. The leaflet is intended for volunteers, but also for camp leaders and local hosts. Various participants in our ESC Volunteering Teams projects have wished to share their intercultural experiences, which they have had through these projects.

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe