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100 years after the beginning of World War I…

No Hate and Raising Peace Campaigns

Published: 22/05/2014

... campaigning for Peace and No Hate Speech

"The Alliance consists of like-minded national organisations involved in international voluntary service who promote international understanding, peace and voluntary service as a valuable force in the common search for human betterment" - Alliance Constitution art. 2.1

"The International Voluntary Service movement started after World War I.  It aimed to create peace and understanding through bringing people from different backgrounds to work together." - Manifesto for Rising Peace of CCIVS

International voluntary service projects, and particularly workcamps, are considered by Alliance members as a powerful tool to promote the principles and practice of human rights, interculturality, participation and inclusion.

In line with the policies of the network, the Alliance supports the NO HATE SPEECH Campaign of the Council of Europe's Youth sector and the RAISING PEACE Campaign of the Coordinating Committee for International Voluntary Service (CCIVS), and invites its members and partners to actively join the campaigns in the workcamps and other IVS projects organized worldwide during 2014.

No Hate Speech Movement

No Hate Speech Movement
No Hate Speech Movement

Young People Combating Hate Speech Online is a project being run by the Council of Europe’s youth sector between 2012 and 2014. It aims to combat racism and discrimination, as expressed online as hate speech, by mobilizing young people and youth organisations to recognise and act against such human rights violations. The project is a tribute to youth participation and co-management.

Among several other goals, the campaign aims at raising awareness about hate speech online and the risks it poses for democracy and individual young people, and at supporting young people in standing up for human rights, online and offline.

The campaign is designed to be everyone’s campaign; any organisation or individual should feel free to join and to take action whether alone or together with others. To learn more about the activities of the campaign and how to join it, as an individual or as a group or organisation, visit

RAISING PEACE: From Grassroots actions To Global Campaigns Promoting Peace and Human Rights

Raising Peace CCIVS

During the General Assembly 2012, CCIVS members decided to closely work together on a campaign to reinforce the recognition and visibility of the contribution of International Voluntary Service to the promotion of  a culture of peace and human rights.

The project Raising Peace, aims to strengthen the role of international voluntary service organisations as key players in the field of Peace and Human Rights Education. It is supported by the Council of Europe through the European Youth Foundation. The whole project foresees the implementation of two Trainings, the promotion of an Awareness Raising Campaign and a final Evaluation Seminar.

In the framework of the Campaign, the Alliance invites members and partner organisations to join this initiative and organise workshops on Peace and Human Rights during IVS projects, workcamps, youth meetings or trainings.

We also invite young people, volunteers, organisations and citizens to adhere and sign the Manifesto for Raising Peace, a call upon all citizens, civil society organisations and policy makers to actively promote and support International Voluntary Service as a valuable tool to contribute to a culture of peace and the protection of human rights.

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