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External Relations Committee

The External Relations Committee (ERC) is a permanent committee, cooperating closely with the Vicepresident for External Relations.

The ERC aims to develop a sustainable and coherent communication within the Alliance for the International Voluntary Service movement. The main goal is to share the principles, values and mission of the Network, catching the attention of and strengthen the relation to partner organisations, potential members, funders, volunteers and other stakeholders. From members to volunteers, ERC work to develop consistent channels which support the projects and actions resulting in increased visibility and impact on a global and local level.

ERC aims to evolve the internal communication between the Working Groups, Committees and Members, to enhance the quality of the communications system and expand the impact of the work.

ERC aims to build new relations using the latest social media channels, creating a strong network, in order to promote and put into practice intercultural dialogue, active citizenship, sustainable development and Peace. ERC works with Alliance members providing advice and ideas to support their current campaigns. These actions align with the aim or the ERC promoting intercultural understanding and Non-Formal Education, Peace, active citizenship and democratic participation in society.

The specific tasks of the External Relations Committee for the current year, are described in the strategic Plan of Action 2021-2022 adopted by the General Assembly of members 2020.

If you would like to contact the Alliance External Relations Committee feel free to send a message to

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