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Gender Equality Working Group

The youngest of Alliance Working Groups, the Gender Equality has been established by the General Assembly 2016 and started functioning on January 2017.

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The Gender Equality Working Group (GEWG) has the purpose of promoting gender equality as one of the core values of the Alliance, and to assure the development of the network and its member organisations with regard to the topic.

It will do so by providing educational opportunities for Alliance members as well as awareness rising strategies such as Common Action Days. It will also function as a body that assesses the needs for development of the network regarding the topic of gender equality as well as providing information and tools that can be implemented to address these needs.

Apart from that, it will also support networking with the sister IVS networks in order to join forces and create a common strategy on how to address the topic within the IVS movement.

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The specific tasks of GEWG for 2017 are described in the strategic Plan of Action 2017-18, adopted by the General Assembly of members 2016.

The GEWG 2017 is coordinated by Eva Chance from Concordia (France) and is composed of 11 volunteers from the following member organisations: Genctur (Turkey), Citizens in Action (Greece), IBG (Germany), IJGD (Germany), UNA Exchange (Wales-UK), World4U (Russia), Xchange Scotland, YRS-VSS (Serbia) and Lunaria (Italy).

  • Alliance is supported by:

    The European Union and the Council of Europe

  • Erasmus+
  • Council Of Europe