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Statement on the conflict in Ukraine by the Executive Committee


Published: 26/02/2022

"We are shocked and alarmed by the escalation – the war – in Ukraine. Our hearts and minds are with our friends in the conflict areas at the moment, particularly our members in both Ukraine and Russia.

As an IVS network, we are part of a global peace movement, we are committed to peaceful connection, exchange, and collaboration among people, irrespective of origin and background. This is what we strive for, a message we spread among volunteers and local communities all around the world, every day. War is never a solution! Weapons never bring peace.
We call for an immediate de-escalation and peaceful, non-military, sustainable solutions in this conflict, just as for any other conflict and dispute around the world."

The Executive Committee of the Alliance of European Voluntary Service Organisations

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    The European Union and the Council of Europe

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