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“Workcamp Studies” in the Alliance

LTTC participants
Participants of the Long Term Training Course 2015

Published: 31/03/2015

After more than one year of preparation, we are glad to announce that the first Alliance Long Term Training course "Workcamp Studies" kicked off on February with the first of three residential events: the Induction Seminar "How to learn: workcamps as structured methodological and pedagogical tools"!

The event was hosted by the French member organisation Unarec in Clermont-Ferrand on 21-26 February, and saw the participation of 25 current and future trainers of camp leaders from 14 countries and 23 member organisations.

During the seminar, facilitated by a team of 4 trainers from Alliance Pool of Trainers, participants got to know each other, were introduced to the objectives and structure of the LTTC and started discussing and exchanging information about the learning dimension of workcamps. The mentoring system that will support participants along all the year was also started in this first seminar.

More information about the LTTC, that is implemented thanks to the support of the European Youth Foundation of the Council of Europe, is available here.

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